Unveiling the CR-20 Pro: A Deep Dive into 3D Printing Mastery

Oh, the magic of 3D printing! Dive deep with me, Carolina, your tech-savvy guide, as I unwrap the treasures of the CR-20 Pro 3D printer. If you’ve ever dreamt of turning your wildest imaginations into tangible creations, you’re in the right place.


The CR-20 Pro 3D printer is the brainchild of Creality, a leading Chinese 3D printer manufacturer. They’ve been behind some of the market’s top hits, such as the Creality CR-10 and Creality Ender 3. After the roaring success of the Creality CR-10, they didn’t rest on their laurels! Instead, they introduced the fantastic Creality CR-20 and, soon after, the upgraded CR-20 Pro.

For those of you who have been on a 3D printing journey, you might be familiar with the challenges like bed alignment issues, layer installation, and distortions. Well, the CR-20 Pro promises to be your knight in shining armor, combating all these issues.

Affordable at under $500, the CR-20 Pro is accessible through Creality’s official website and other trusted retailers. Buckle up, tech enthusiasts, as I dive into the features, benefits, and even the slight downsides of the CR-20 Pro 3D printer!

Features of the CR-20 Pro

Easy to Assemble: Unlike many of its peers, setting up the Creality CR-20 Pro is a breeze. With just a handful of screws, you’re set to start your 3D printing voyage.

BL-Touch Automatic Leveling: This printer boasts a BL-Touch automatic leveling feature with a precise 9 point system, ensuring optimal flatness throughout your creation.

MK 10 Extrusion Mechanism: Fitted with a state-of-the-art MK 10 extruder, worries about clogging and spillage are things of the past.

Magnetic Sticker: Ditch the traditional textured paper and glue! The CR-20 Pro’s magnetic sticker ensures easy removal of printed models, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution.

High Standard Structure: Ever heard of the V-shaped pulley? It’s patented technology, ensuring your 3D printer runs smoothly, with minimal wear and noise.

Imported Blue Teflon Tube: A significant upgrade, ensuring high-temperature resistance and improved filament feeding for pristine 3D model quality.

Meanwell Power Supply: Experience efficient power management with the Meanwell power supply. Dive into 3D printing without a hitch and save valuable time.

Resume Printing: An intelligent feature that remembers your progress in the event of a power failure. Once power is back, you can continue right where you left off.

Filament Detection Sensor: No more surprises! This feature tracks your filament status and halts printing if you run out, allowing you to replenish and resume.

Specifications of the CR-20 Pro

Dimensions and Weight of the Machine:
– Machine Weight: 8 Kg
– Machine Dimensions: 420 x 440 x 470 mm

Electric and Connectivity Specifications:
– Total Power: 270W

Benefits of the CR-20 Pro

The CR-20 Pro isn’t just a piece of machinery. It’s an amalgamation of cutting-edge tech that’s geared to offer its users:

Seamless usage, suitable for both amateurs and professionals.
Compatibility with various materials for diverse design creations.
High-resolution prints, backed by enhanced printing stability.
A quick-to-heat platform, ensuring minimal downtime between projects.

Downsides of the CR-20 Pro

Every masterpiece has its quirks:

Some users found the fan a tad too loud, though upgrades can resolve this.
Warranty does not cover cosmetic damages like scratches or dents, but its packaging ensures it arrives in impeccable condition.

What Comes In the Box?

On unboxing the CR-20, you’ll find:

Power cable
Assembling tools set
A collection of nuts, bolts, and spacers


Creality has outdone itself with the CR-20 Pro, upping the user experience without compromising its attractive price-point. With features like resume printing, filament detection sensor, and the magnetic sticker, the CR-20 Pro is a shining gem for all 3D printing fans. If you’re looking for an upgrade or starting fresh, the CR-20 Pro is bound to be your trusty sidekick in the world of 3D printing.