Best Print-in-Place 3D Prints

Glimpsing into the realm of 3D printing, some of the most enchanting creations are those that spring to life directly from the printer’s bed. These models, known as print-in-place, dazzle us with their pre-assembled brilliance. As someone who is utterly passionate about technology and its wonders, I’ve curated a delightful collection of some standout print-in-place 3D models from platforms like Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory, and Cults3D. Dive in and explore this list, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to start a new printing project. And hey, don’t keep these treasures all to yourself – pass them on to your 3D printing buddies!


1. Print-in-Place Springy Treasure Box
2. Clockwork Heart – Single Print Delight – Perfect for Last-Minute Surprises
3. Transformative Basket (Enhanced)
4. PetiteFloor Signposts
5. Gear-Powered Fidget Carousel V2
6. Spinner Delight – Seamless Print / Skip the Bearings!
7. Mobile Lizard V2
8. Rex Flex with Reinforced Connections
9. Wristwatch Strap with Mobility
10. Self-Contained Nomad Van
11. Innovative Gear-Powered Bearing
12. Dancing Penguin – Straight off the Printer
13. Scarab All-Terrain Toy Car
14. Stand for Gadgets – Effortless Print and Use
15. Dainty Pivot-Lid Box
16. Robot Warrior Mini V2.1 Ready to Print and Play
17. Clicking Mechanism Clamp
18. Flexi Bunny with Enhanced Connections
19. Drawbridge Curtain Box – Direct Print
20. Gadget Support Stand – Versatile and Foldable
21. Ultimate Toothpaste Assistant – Straight from the Printer
22. Adaptable Hinge Mechanism
23. Reptilian Clamps with Agile Jaws
24. Ready-to-Display Photo Frame Holder
25. Slinky Feline Friend
26. Enigmatic Locking Capsule
27. Movable Serpent V1
28. Device Stand with Adjustable Angles
29. Playful Articulated Garden Slug
30. Endless Fun Cube V2
31. Mysterious Heart-Shaped Container
32. Wallet-like Cardholder Cassette
33. Dynamic Dinosaur – Triceratops Ready for Action

Notes on the Springy Treasure Box: This gem showcases the magic of 3D printing, presenting a puzzle-like box that requires no additional assembly. To bring this design to life, the creator suggests opting for a 0.2mm layer height to gracefully handle the overhangs. It features an intricate gear and spring mechanism, and for optimal printing results, there’s even a test component provided.

For the Clockwork Heart: This heart-shaped gadget, ideal as a gift or keepsake, has been crafted with precision. With over 300 successful prints, it’s clear that this design resonates with many. Notably, one user’s experiment with a resin 3D printer resulted in some gear friction, but with some tweaks, they were able to enhance its smoothness. For those looking to surprise a loved one, this piece is both sentimental and mechanically intriguing.

The Transformative Basket: What’s particularly exciting about this model is its transformational ability. Originating as a flat print, it can be morphed into a handy basket! The innovative design taps into the advantages 3D printing offers, making it a favorite among enthusiasts.

The PetiteFloor Signposts: This nifty design comes with 124 interchangeable messages. For a personalized touch, there’s also a blank template for adding custom text. Those wanting to add some flair can incorporate a filament color change when the letters start printing.

The Gear-Powered Fidget Carousel V2: An entertaining and tactile print, this dual gear mechanism is perfect for those moments when you need to fidget. With a whopping 400,000 downloads, it’s evident that this model has won the hearts of many 3D printing fans.

Tips for the tech-savvy: Remember, your 3D printer’s calibration and the material you choose can play a significant role in the outcome of your prints. With these designs, some might require a bit of post-printing work, like gentle wiggle movements to free any fused parts. And always ensure your printer bed is well-leveled for optimal results.

Enjoy, tech lovers! Every print-in-place design is a testament to the wonders of technology and the endless possibilities it offers. Dive in, explore, and happy printing!