Unlock Gaming Glory: 30 Free 3D Prints Every Gamer Needs!

For all you gaming enthusiasts out there, 3D printing offers a myriad of possibilities. Yet, it’s not always easy to unearth the most remarkable 3D printing ideas fit for a gamer’s soul. So, being the tech-lover that I am, I scoured the vast digital universe to compile a list of 30 absolutely captivating 3D printables any gamer would covet, from iconic gaming accessories to lifelike character models.


Let’s dive in!

1. Retro Gaming Drink Coasters: A nostalgic nod to the gaming era of yore, these coasters come in eight distinctive designs, ensuring your drinks stay put while you game on.

2. Switch It Up – Single Joy-Con Grip: Enhance your Nintendo Switch experience with this innovative 3D-printed grip. No need for straps, and the button accessibility is just stellar. Many have vouched for its efficacy.

3. Clawshot: Homage to Zelda: This model truly encapsulates the essence of the iconic Zelda series. Some have crafted it using the Makerbot Replicator 2X with White ABS, though post-processing is key to perfection.

4. Wand of the Elders: Inspired by the Harry Potter universe, this wand replica splits into two for easy printing on any decent 3D printer.

5. Pixel Heart Key Set: Channeling the classic 8-bit heart design, this set includes a main key and four miniatures – perfect as board game tokens or to string into a stylish bracelet.

6. Halo 4 Protective Helmet: While not suitable for motorbiking, this 3D rendition is perfect for light tasks. With the correct settings, it’ll be a snug fit.

7. Pokéball Cartridge Case for Nintendo Switch: A smart storage solution for your game cartridges, composed of five distinct parts.

8. Effortless One-Handed Bottle Popper: Universally compatible with most 3D printers, this model promises durability. For versions 2 to 4, a dab of superglue might come in handy.

9. Universal Bag Clip: Unlike many clips tailored for ABS, this one is PLA-friendly. Its unique hinge mechanism sets it apart.

10. Master Sword Game Cart Holder: A stylish storage solution for cartridge enthusiasts, complete with a faux suede cord wrap.

11. NinTastic – Pi Gaming Case: This sleek case accommodates a Raspberry Pi and its model seamlessly. All essential ports, from the USB controller to the SD card slot, are conveniently accessible.

12. Elder Warlock Figurine: Inspired by the Enchanted Garden of Messer Ansaldo, this design pays homage to a magician’s quest to win a lady’s heart.

13. Switch Joy-Con Controller Grip: Elevate your gaming with this grip. Many users have easily printed it on an Ender 3 using Cura.

14. Mini Wheel for Xbox One Controller: Ideal for racing enthusiasts, this accessory requires just a frame and a wheel for a smooth gaming experience.

15. Zelda-themed Minimal Planter: Add a touch of gaming flair to your space with this planter, available in both single and dual extrusion designs.

16. OpenDive VR Goggles: Enhance your VR experiences at home. Just add a pair of lenses to the 3D printed frame, and you’re good to go!

17. Smartphone Gaming Triggers: Customizable to fit any phone model, these 3D-printed triggers elevate your mobile gaming experience.

18. Pi Game Case – Mini SNES Design: A versatile accessory, ensuring you get the best out of your Raspberry Pi. The designer recommends a 25% infill for optimal results.

19. Articulating Magnetic Phone Holder: Perfect for binge-watching, this model saves you the hassle of holding your phone. Just get a Magnetic Plate Mount and some strong magnets to complete it.

20. Mario-inspired Switch Cartridge Box: This design pays homage to the iconic Mario question blocks, with user-friendly printing recommendations.

21. Themed Headphone Stand: This sturdy design not only supports your headphones but also features a cable hook for tidy storage.

22. Multi-functional Dice Mug: Designed for standard 33cl cans, this mug also doubles up as a dice holder for tabletop gamers.

23. Interactive D20: A modern twist on the ancient 20-sided dice, embedded with electronics for a voice output, making it a quirky decision-making tool.

24. Functional Dice Tower with Trays: Never lose dice again! This tower is adaptable to various dice sizes, ensuring endless fun without the hassle.

25. Visual Dice Tower: Unique in its design, this tower allows you to watch dice as they roll, complete with optional decorative knight.

26. Customizable Miniature Pack: Comprising 17 distinct models, this pack lets gamers print and personalize their characters effortlessly.

27. Centrifugal Spinning Tops: Designed for prolonged spins, these tops are a delight for both kids and adults.

28. Abstract Pikachu Figure: A minimalistic representation of the beloved Pokémon, this model is easy to print with the right settings.

29. π64 Pi Case: Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, this case needs just a few additional components for completion.

30. Personalized Fan Grill Cover: Replace subpar Thingiverse covers with these customizable ones, tailored for optimal 3D printing.

There you have it! From game-inspired drink coasters to functional gaming accessories, 3D printing truly brings a gamer’s imagination to life. So, which one caught your eye?