The 35 Best Print-in-Place 3D Models to 3D Print

Hey there fellow 3D printing enthusiast! As someone who’s deeply passionate about all things that fly, especially drones, I’ve recently dabbled into another territory – 3D Printing! Now, I can’t help but share some of the coolest finds I’ve come across. If you’re as curious as I was, or perhaps you’re an expert looking for something new, here’s a list of my favorite 3D prints from Thingiverse. Ready to soar into this new adventure with me?


1. Twirl Benchy – The Playful 3D Print Calibration Adventure
2. V30 Toot Whistle
3. Numerical Sundial
4. Auto-Hydration Plant Holder
5. Adaptable Gear System
6. Earphone Holder
7. 1.85mm Filament Keeper
8. Adorable Moving Squid
9. Honeycomb – Adjustable Hex Containers
10. Comprehensive 3D Printer Examination
and the list goes on!

But let’s delve deeper into some of them:

Twirl Benchy – The Playful 3D Print Calibration Adventure

This boat miniature, designed by CreativeSquad, is the ultimate test for your 3D printer. Want to see how well your printer handles intricate details and various curves? This is the go-to design. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of printing adventures, and this model always keeps me on my toes.
> Designed by: CreativeSquad
> Total Downloads: 2,900,000+
> [Find the Twirl Benchy on Thingiverse]

V30 Toot Whistle

Ever wanted a durable whistle that can pierce the silence? V30 has you covered. With a staggering 120 dB, this little device can be a fun toy or even a safety tool. It’s also pretty sturdy!
> Designed by: jzmax
> Total Downloads: 975,000+
> [Find the V30 Toot Whistle on Thingiverse]

Numerical Sundial

A sundial with a digital twist! Watch in amazement as the sun’s rays are manipulated to show you the time in digits. Rotate the gnomon for daylight saving adjustments and enjoy this perfect blend of nature and technology.
> Designed by: SolarWiz
> Total Downloads: 718,000+
> [Find the Numerical Sundial on Thingiverse]

Auto-Hydration Plant Holder

For those of us who sometimes forget to water our green buddies, this design is a savior. Ensure your plants get the right amount of water, even when you’re away. Perfect for beginners like me!
> Designed by: GreenFingers
> Total Downloads: 430,000+
> [Find the Auto-Hydration Plant Holder on Thingiverse]

These designs have been a joy for me to explore, print, and assemble. For someone like me, who’s dedicated her life to documenting passions and sharing experiences, I hope this list makes your 3D printing journey as exciting as mine. Remember to always keep exploring and never stop learning. Happy printing!