Travel Light & Smart: 30 Essential 3D Prints for Jetsetters!

Hey there! I’m Carolina, and I’ve got an insatiable passion for drones, but today, I’m shifting gears to share with you my excitement about 3D printing for travelers. If you’re a wanderlust-stricken soul like me, you’re going to love this. Get ready to discover some of the most fascinating 3D printing marvels tailored just for travelers. So, fasten your seat belts, and let’s dive right into my list of the 30 Top 3D Prints for Globetrotters.


1. UkeGo
2. Collapsible Clothes Hanger
3. BrushBox
4. Classic Tic-Tac-Toe
5. Journey Battery Organizer
6. Miniature Catan
7. Portable UV Nail Lamp
8. Trip-Marks
9. RazorGuard
10. Nomad’s Guitar
11. Wanderer’s Cigar Ashtray
12. Expandable Travel Mug
13. SafeEgg
14. ChessSet Pro
15. SoundSeal Earplug Keeper
16. AppleTender Cord Protectors
17. MechMagus Chess
18. Backseat iPad Cradle
19. Voyager’s Toiletry Kit
20. SlimFold Phone Stand
21. Roleplay Dice & Carry
22. HideNKey
23. Sketch & Go Kit
24. BookMate
25. AeroMount System
26. Suds & Go Soap Holder
27. TangleFree Earbud Clip
28. Pocket-Size Checkerboard
29. MedBox
30. BagID

AD1. UkeGo
Meet UkeGo, the traveler’s musical companion. This downloadable travel ukulele is minimalistic with just 5 parts to print. Assemble with strings and tuners and voila! Ideal for the music lover on-the-go. Hat tip to avocado_boat! Discover UkeGo on Thingiverse.

AD2. Collapsible Clothes Hanger
Presenting the Collapsible Clothes Hanger – a traveler’s wardrobe essential. Its compact design makes it a breeze to pack. An absolute must-have if you need your outfits crisp and fresh. Kudos to francfalco! Check it out on Thingiverse.

AD3. BrushBox
Keep your toothbrush clean and secure with the BrushBox. Essential for maintaining dental hygiene during your adventures. Big thanks to Robine for this creation! Hunt for the BrushBox on Thingiverse.

AD4. Classic Tic-Tac-Toe
Journeys can sometimes get dull, but not with the Classic Tic-Tac-Toe set. Relive this timeless game and let fun fill those idle moments. Cheers to MiseryBot for this! Snag it on Thingiverse.

AD5. Journey Battery Organizer
Power up with the Journey Battery Organizer. Designed to keep your AA and AAA batteries in check, this neat tool is a must for the tech-savvy traveler. A shoutout to scanner for this one! Available on Thingiverse.