Unwrap Creativity: 30 Top Christmas 3D Prints + Free STLs!

Festive season is upon us, and 3D printing presents a plethora of amazing designs that can be fetched just in time for the yuletide. Dive into a vast collection of trinkets and holiday items available for your selection. In this write-up, as Carolina, your drone and 3D printing trainee, I’ve rounded up the 30 Must-have 3D Prints for this Christmas season. Why not delve in below? All these designs can be grabbed for free and shared with your 3D printing buddies too.


1. Reindeer Crafting Card Kit
2. Movable Yuletide Figurines
3. Yuletide Stocking Cookie Mold
4. Festive Evergreen
5. Secured Gift Bauble
6. Gingerbread Shape Cookie Mold
7. Twirling Yuletide Orbs
8. Festive Treat Holder
9. Frosty Pattern
10. Digital Star for Tree Top
11. Santa’s Carriage and His Reindeers
12. Frosty’s Cookie Mold
13. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Scene
14. The Child Festive Hanging Decor
15. Yuletide Majestic Deer
16. Revolving Pokémon Point Decoration
17. Configurable LED Candle Light
18. Tree Baubles
19. Galactic Tree Trinket
20. Rotating Festive Celestial Body
21. Yuletide Hamlet
22. Prism Holiday Orbs
23. Festive Rod Shaped Sweets Cookie Design
24. Classic Soldier Figurine
25. Galactic Frost Patterns
26. Adorable Festive Fawn
27. Pocket-sized Frosty Toy
28. Saint Nick’s Cap
29. 3D Festive Confectionery Molds
30. Personalized Father Christmas

1. Reindeer Crafting Card Kit
Check out this captivating festive card that’s primed for 3D printing. This reindeer design can be detached and assembled post print, making it a nifty little decor or even a quirky car adornment! Tweaking your printer’s configurations might ensure impeccable assembly. Crafted by tone001 with over 190,000 downloads. Fetch the Reindeer Crafting Card Kit on Thingiverse.

2. Movable Yuletide Figurines
This design showcases three articulated figures perfect to jazz up your festive decor. Designed for hassle-free printing sans supports, painting these will definitely be an enjoyable activity! Conceptualized by BQEducacion with over 130,000 downloads. Locate the Movable Yuletide Figurines on Thingiverse.

3. Yuletide Stocking Cookie Mold
Enchant your guests this season with cookies shaped from this festive sock mold. A must-have for anyone smitten by the holiday vibes and wants thematic treats. Dreamt up by OogiMe with over 11,000 downloads. The Yuletide Stocking Cookie Mold awaits you on Thingiverse.

30. Personalized Father Christmas
Dive into this engaging model, the Personalized Father Christmas. This allows you to conjure unique Santa Claus designs or tailor-make one. Ideal as a tiny yuletide present or a distinctive ornament for your dwelling. Conceptualized by makkuro with 50,000+ fans. The Personalized Father Christmas is available on Thingiverse.