Best 3D Prints for Board Games

Hey there fellow game lovers! This is Carolina, your resident 3D printing enthusiast turned board game trainee. Dive deep into my world as we explore the realm of 3D printing, bringing the magic of board games to life in an entirely new dimension. Ever dreamt of adding a personalized touch to your gaming sessions? Well, it’s time to bring those dreams to reality!


1. Enchanted Miniature Series
Unearth the wonders of the Enchanted Miniature Series. Perfect for those who wish to breathe life into their board games. Find this captivating series on MakerSpace.

2. Catan Explorer Edition
For the lovers of Settlers of Catan, the Catan Explorer Edition offers a refreshing twist to your classic board. Dive deep into the world of Catan like never before! Created by the talented EliraCraft, available at MakerSpace.

3. Pokémon Master Chess
Blending the strategic world of chess with the charming Pokémon universe. Relive your childhood with the Pokémon Master Chess set. Designed by pokeMaster on MakerSpace.

4. Galactic Battles: Jedi vs. Sith
Experience the Star Wars universe in a gripping board game format with Galactic Battles: Jedi vs. Sith. May the force guide you! Designed by galaxyGuru at MakerSpace.

5. Retractable Dice Tower
No more chasing runaway dice! Use the Retractable Dice Tower for a hassle-free roll. This design by diceMagician is a must-have, available at MakerSpace.

6. Mystic Decor: Treasure Pointers
A perfect addition to your RPGs, the Mystic Decor: Treasure Pointers are meticulously detailed to elevate your game nights. Crafted by mageCraft, find them on MakerSpace.

7. Miniature Grip
For those who love painting their game pieces, the Miniature Grip makes the job ten times easier. Props to creator colorMaestro at MakerSpace.

8. Villagers: Inn Guests
Looking to add some flair to your board game taverns? Meet the Villagers: Inn Guests – they promise not to drink all the ale! Crafted by elfArtist, available at MakerSpace.

9. Mystic Vault
Store your game treasures in the Mystic Vault. Detailed, functional, and a beauty to behold. Designed by treasureHunter and found on MakerSpace.

10. Paladin
Every board game needs a hero. Enter the Paladin – brave, bold, and 3D printable! Check out this design by knightCraft on MakerSpace.