Discover Top 20 Patreons: 3D Printed Miniatures & D&D Masterpieces!

Dive into the enthralling world of 3D printed miniatures with a keen interest in tabletop and D&D masterpieces! Get lost in the allure of top-notch STL files, mesmerizing models, dynamic dungeons, and intricate terrains. If you’ve been on a quest, wondering where the treasure troves of the best STL miniatures and fantasy figures are, guess what? You’ve stumbled upon a gold mine! This guide has been meticulously curated to highlight some of the crème de la crème Patreons offering 3D printed marvels for a monthly pledge ranging from a mere $1 to a whopping $500+. However, the sweet spot for most tends to hover around $5-15 per month.


Knowing Before Committing!
Be informed about what awaits you before you pledge! Dive deep into the ocean of reviews and see what fellow tech-lovers have to share about the Patreon of your interest. I’ve handpicked these Patreons based on their buzz in the 3D printing realm. Note: Costs and tiers might have seen a shift since the crafting of this guide. Be sure to feast your eyes on the mesmerizing snapshots and high-caliber models!

For the tech-enthusiasts who wish to skim through the offerings, here’s the star-studded lineup:
1. ArchVillain Games
2. Artisan Guild
3. Titan-Forge Miniatures
4. Onepagerules
5. Mz4250
6. Geoffro/Hex3D
7. Epic Miniatures
8. Bestiarum Miniatures
9. Ghamak
10. Puppetswar Miniatures
11. PiperMakes
12. Wicked
13. Forest Dragon
14. Nomnom Figures
15. Fotis Mint
16. Skullforge Studios
17. Sanix
18. Great Grimoire
19. Last Sword Miniatures
20. TytanTroll Miniatures

An Insight into the Giants!

1. ArchVillain Games:
Stealing the spotlight as one of the most adored Patreons for 3D printed miniatures & D&D models, ArchVillain Games boasts an impressive 7,000+ Patrons. Since their debut in 2019, they’ve been captivating enthusiasts with monthly themes and over 20 models. From tabletop terrains to mini delights, they offer a splendid variety, predominantly in the 32mm size. Adjust as you deem fit in your slicer! And for some techy inspiration? Sneak a peek at their Instagram & MyMiniFactory displays to witness their 3D craftsmanship.

2. Artisan Guild:
Following closely is Artisan Guild, shining as the second superstar in the miniature cosmos. The Guild is a tight-knit team of passionate creators who craft tabletop treasures and collectibles. They unfurl new game sets monthly and even grant access to past marvels via their MyMiniFactory store. Ranging from $9 to $35 monthly pledges, they offer tiers like Adventurer and Merchant. As a tribute to their loyal supporters, they also roll out epic models at zero cost for patrons with a 3-month subscription. For a detailed look at their masterpieces, do check their vibrant Instagram and Facebook hubs.

3. Titan-Forge Miniatures:
Emanating from Poland, Titan-Forge Miniatures has etched its mark since 2011. Offering a buffet of 3D print options spanning fantasy, sci-fi, and cyber themes, they’re a haven for tabletop, board, and RPG fans. Titan-Forge has 2 membership avatars with its $10 monthly pledge currently up for grabs. They delight with exclusive loyalty designs for consistent three-month patrons, which are unique masterpieces not available elsewhere. Be sure to scan their Instagram and Facebook portals for fresh updates.

Last Word:
Embarking on this 3D printing odyssey, I hope you’re as electrified as I am! The universe of 3D printing miniatures is expansive and ever-evolving. Dive in, explore, and let your imagination run wild. Keep an eye on the Graphtreon for 3D printing models to stay updated with the trailblazers in the realm.